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Culinair enthousiasts Ric & Lisette, with a passion of beautiful cheese and delicatessen, opened September first 2016 their own cheese deli Alexanderhoeve at the “Gelderlandplein”.

Foodies Ric & Lisette know each other for years and share their knowledge of good food and, in particular, cheese and fresh roasted nuts.

Ric saw all the boarders of the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy looking for that one special restaurant  where at the end of the meal you will be treated with a wonderful cheeseplatter with local specials.

Lisette made lots of culinair trips through Europe en America. She had an internship in the Hilton Amsterdam at Roberto’s, she had her own restaurant, visited and admired several 3 star chef cooks (Heston Blumental, Michel Roux, Jonnie Boer etc.) and learned from their skills.

To honor the local crafts, Ric and Lisette created the already famous “Soete Hollander” tosti. This tasteful and honest tosti is a mix of pure Dutch farm cheeses, grated, and topped with an onion mélange. Toasted on sourdough bread. This combination is a unique taste and will make your taste buds happy.

At the Alexanderhoeve deli they offer great roasted nuts. A big selection of different nuts will be available. This is the new form of proteins. A healthy snack or just with drinks.

Cheeses from around the world but in particular dutch cheeses will be cut and sliced for you.

And if you travel and you want to take one home, they can always “vacuum seal” those wonderfull cheeses or nuts for you.

Alexanderhoeve at the “Gelderlandplein” is an experience on itself. Come, taste and admire our shop just outside the revolving door near the Supermarket Albert Heijn.


Gelderlandplein 142
1082 DC Amsterdam
020-30 44 996

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